Breed: Silver Lab mix
Sex: Female, spay surgery has been scheduled
Estimated Birth Date: March 2020
Size: 47 pounds
Good With Kids: yes
Good With Cats: We were told she was
Good With Dogs: yes! She loves having a playmate
House trained: Almost. She will whine at the door and is learning to ring a bell. Sleeps through the night with no accidents
Crate trained: She doesn’t really like it but will settle in. She slept in her crate initially but decided that she would rather sleep in bed with her foster
Recommended Environment: She is a smart girl that will benefit from some training. She likes to learn. Due to her puppy energy, she will benefit from a routine (especially one with plenty of play time!). She might do best with another dog in the home.
Additional Information: Gretchen is happy and playful. She is also a real snuggler. She was never allowed outside before we got her so she is a little timid when alone in the yard.
*In a foster home.*


Breed: Black and Tan Coonhound mix
Sex: Female
Estimated Birth Date: April 2020
Size: Currently 40 pounds, estimated 50 pounds when full grown
Good with kids: yes.  Mia is a little skittish so older children would probably be best.  She is also a jumper (we’re working on correcting this behavior) so she might knock  over little ones
Good with dogs: yes
Good with cats: Unknown, she hasn’t been exposed to them
Housetrained: almost! She has had a couple of accidents when she was scared/startled.  Will signal at door when she wants to go out
Crate trained: yes.  She goes in willingly (loves frozen Kongs filled with peanut butter!) and hasn’t had any accidents in it.  She occasionally whines but stops when told “no”
Recommended Environment: Mia is a snuggler and wants to be with her people.  Yep, she’s a velcro dog.  She also enjoys running and playing so she needs an active family that will keep her busy.  She is a smart dog that will need activity.  She will not do well with being left alone for long periods of time. She needs patience and safe exposure to new people and noises.  We’ve found that treats are effective.
Additional Information: Mia is working on walking and running while on a leash, though she is better with a harness.  She is working on her commands.  She does NOT like bikes but will get better with repeated exposure.



Megan is a 38 lb, 7 month old Lab/Retriever mix puppy. She is such a lover. She loves her toys and loves them more when she is touching people while she plays. She is really smart and would benefit from training activities – she is very good motivated and likes training activities! She is also good at entertaining herself.

She is a busy chewer. We have lots of chew toys around to keep her busy. Outside, she does a lot of exploring with her mouth – she may have some hound in her! Megan is still potty training and is easily distracted. Megan is good with other dogs, but we always encourage she meet other fur-siblings before adoption. She has not been tested with cats.

Megan is crate trained, and she loves her crate and goes in by herself when she’s tired. She is always happy to meet someone who will pet her. Megan is learning her leash manners, as her busy nose and distractibility keeps her from always simply moving forward.

Megan would do best in most homes, but she really does like kids and other dogs, so a home with two and/or four legged siblings would be best. She really likes the outdoors, so an outdoor active home would be best. There really isn’t much Megan doesn’t like, she just really wants to be around her people!



Breed: Hound mix

Sex: male, neutered

Estimated Birthdate: 3/1/2017

Size: medium to large (62 pounds)

Good with kids: yes, but older children would be best

Good with cats: not tested, but most likely not

Good with other dogs: Ryder likes to be the alpha male.  He would do best in a home without other dogs

House trained: yes

Crate trained: yes

Recommended environment: This stunning boy has some issues with separation anxiety.  He bonds STRONGLY with his person and wants to be with them all the time.  Ryder will do best in a home where his person is not gone for long periods of time.  A relatively calm and quiet home is preferred.  He loves his walks and does well on a leash.  He is a smart dog and is learning his basic commands.  He is pretty calm and not much of a barker.

*In Canine-Inmate program*

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Meet Callie!  She is a snuggler and enjoys playing with her foster sister, napping in the sunlight, exploring the yard, and chasing butterflies.  Her favorite games are tug of war, wrestling, and chase. Callie would do best in a home with another canine companion.  She would prefer if her family wasn’t gone for long stretches of time.  She needs lots of attention and playtime.  Callie was neglected in her former life and will require an experienced dog owner to teach her how to be a dog in a loving home.
Breed: Basset/Beagle mix
Sex: female (spay scheduled for October 13)
Estimated Birth Date: September 1, 2019
Size: Medium, 25-30 pounds
Good with kids: we were told she was
Good with cats: unknown
Good with dogs: yes
Housetrained: in progress
Crate trained: in progress
*In a foster home*



ADOPT recently received an update on Jasper from his fur-ever family.  We hope you enjoy seeing how he’s doing in his new home! 🙂

Jasper has made himself right at home without any issues. He has been very curious, getting used to the layout of the house. Helped himself out with a couple of items from the community ball/chew toy/bone basket last night. Seems fascinated with the neighborhood sounds today.

The “older siblings” are adjusting to the presence of the new one. They get vocal if he sniffs around an area they have previously staked out as their own. Afterwards everyone gets pets for reassurances.

Jasper is already a member of the family. Thank you everyone for getting him here!



Scruffy is a friendly, energetic little guy.  He likes to snuggle but needs to be entertained.  He will do well in an environment with plenty of activity and attention. His favorite things are walks and playing tug of war.  He is currently working on crate training. Until he is fully crate trained, he would do better in a house than an apartment.
Breed: Maltese/Yorkie Mix
Sex: male. neuter (surgery is scheduled for October 1)
Estimated Birth Date: 8/1/2018
Size: toy (weighs 10 pounds)
Good with kids: yes
Good with cats: yes
Good with dogs: wants to make friends but gets nervous with introductions to larger dogs
House trained: yes
Crate trained: in progress