ADOPT recently received an update on Chad and he’s doing great in his new home!

More on Jax!

ADOPT heard another update from Jax’s mom. He’s still doing great and we’re so happy to hear it!! 

I’m happy to report that Jax is doing amazingly!
He’s been coming with me to work every week since the beginning of the year and has made so many new friends. He’s playing so much and sleeping so well. He’s learning so many things from many different pups of different ages. I love watching him grow.

Thank you so much for bringing us together. I tell everybody who asks about your rescue.


ADOPT recently received an update on Colt from his new family. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did! 💕

We love Colt, he is such a sweet, nice dog. It is wonderful to have a dog that is trained and socialized makes going for walks fun, he loves everyone he meets and they love him as well.
He enjoyed watching the Christmas train going around and not once did he bark or try to paw at it .He’s very well behaved.
He loves his brain game puzzle that we put treats or dog food in. The first time he did the puzzle it took a little while, now he zooms through it getting his treats it’s time to get another, different more challenging game. Thank you to the inmate that trained Colt. He did an amazing, great job and service for us. Colt’s family, we are most grateful to you. Colt has brought joy to our home again.

Louis (formerly Prince)

ADOPT recently received an update on Prince (now Louis) from his forever family. He looks to have settled in very well! ❤️

Louis is doing great! We love him so much.


ADOPT got an update from Jax’s mom and and we’re so happy to see that he is settling in quite well!

Jax is getting settled in! He loves our visits to the dog park. He plays super hard, running and playing with everyone willing, or having a nice wrestling match here and there.
He’s also learning to bark for guard dog duties when he sees people out the window. They’re the cutest little howling barks.
Jax got to join “puppy school” at the dog daycare I work at and my coworkers got some awesome shots of him having fun.



Breed (best guess): Australian Shepherd/Heeler Mix
Sex: Male, neutered
Age: 1-2 years
Size: 45 pounds
Good With Kids: Yes
Good With Cats: Yes
Good With Dogs: Yes
Housetrained: Yes
Crate Trained: In progress

Recommended Environment: Casper is a young Aussie mix. Due to his age and breed, this boy is always looking for something to do. He will require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. Chew toys are a must and any toys that require him to solve a puzzle or are interactive will be great for him. He hasn’t learned which things are ok to chew on and which ones aren’t, so he must be watched at all times. He is smart and will eventually figure it out, but be patient and vigilant until he gets there! He enjoys the company of other dogs and would be happy to have a friend in his new home.

Additional Information: Casper is so affectionate and loves to be petted; he has the softest coat. He will be a great companion for an active family. We HIGHLY recommend obedience training for him. The whole family should participate so that they are all consistent in their engagement with him.

*In the Canine Inmate Program*



Breed (best guess): Wire Haired Terrier Mix
Sex: Male, neutered
Age: 2-3 years
Size: 38 pounds
Good With Kids: Unknown but we don’t think it will be a problem
Good With Cats: Unknown
Good With Dogs: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Crate Trained: Yes

Recommended Environment: Colt will do well anywhere! He is a sweet boy and appreciates the attention of his person. He is still young so his new family will need to make sure he gets plenty of exercise.

Additional Information: This smart boy already knows a lot of his commands. He is good with sit, stay, down, leave it, and come. He walks well on a leash. He might do well with additional obedience training to keep his brain engaged. There is a lot of potential there! His handler says he is a very well mannered and quiet dog.

*In the Canine Inmate Program*



Breed: Coonhound Mix
A.D.O.P.T. makes no guarantees regarding breed. We estimate with shelter and veterinarian input.
Sex: Male, neutered
Age: 4-5 years
Size: 45 pounds
Good with Kids: Unknown but he’s really gentle
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good With Dogs: Yes but doesn’t like them in his face
House Trained: Yes
Crate Trained: Yes

Recommended Environment: Chad is such a mellow dog. He ought to fit in almost anywhere. True to his hound nature, this boy likes to do a lot of sniffing. Be prepared for long walks where he can smell everything! He enjoys meeting new people and going on adventures.

Additional Information: Chad is an old soul. When you look in his eyes, they tell you he’s had a rough life but is ready for the next phase. He is soooo ready for his forever home. He just wants to snuggle next to you and get petted. Chad has made great strides with his training! Continued obedience training, consistency and patience will be needed.
Chad was abandoned by his family in front of the grocery store. He stood there for hours waiting for his family to return. A good samaritan waited with him until it was determined that they were not returning. He didn’t understand what was happening. He didn’t do anything wrong. Please consider giving Chase his forever loving home.

*In the Canine Inmate Program*

Charlie (formerly Otis)

ADOPT received a holiday update from Otis’s (now Charlie) family. Happy Holidays!

Have a great holiday season and thank you for our Charlie!
He has settled in and is doing fantastic! We love him so much!
He’s doing great and has taken over the house. We might as well put him on the mortgage as we are just guests here now! At last count, he has 26 toys and likes watching Star Wars. 😂 I think it’s the noises. He sure is a character and starts play dates next week to get him used to being around other dogs.

Conrad (formerly Rascal)

ADOPT recently received an update from Rascal’s new mom.  It looks like this boy is sure to have a happy Thanksgiving this year! 🙂 

Conrad (Rascal) is absolutely adorable. He has adjusted so well like he was always part of the family. We are so grateful to have been selected as his forever home. He loves Pupaccinos as seen below. He is certainly a cuddle bug, insists on frequent belly rubs when lounging on the couch in the evening and he gives lots of kisses.
Blessings to all of you at A.D.O.P.T. Rescue and all the inmates who participate in the program.