Lucky (formerly Pippin)

Lucky (formerly Pippin)

ADOPT recently got an update on Lucky (formerly Pippin) from his new family! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!! 🙂

Pippin, now named Lucky, is doing great! He and our other pup, Penny – yes, like Lucky Penny haha – love playing together and could chase each other around the backyard for hours. Lucky is so funny, floppy and gives tons of kisses. He hasn’t met a person he doesn’t love. Besides cuddling in bed in the morning, eating is definitely his favorite part of the day – he spins in circles when it’s meal time! It’s so cute. He also has the most adorable snaggle tooth and makes the silliest snorting sounds. We would love to get his DNA tested and see what all he’s made of. We have been taking him to puppy classes and he’s learned a ton. He knows sit, spin, touch, down and wait (half the time – can’t blame him food is just too exciting).

I’ve attached some pictures for you! Sorry there’s a bunch, he is just very photogenic! 😉

Lucky, and his sister Penny:

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