ADOPT recently received an update on Huey from his new family! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!! 🙂

I would like to thank you for putting Huey through your program. I couldn’t be more happy! It has been a fun couple days already getting to know him! I am a very active person and will be taking him hiking and kayaking frequently.

Huey has been so perfect! He is a happy pup and is already at my side. He sleeps with me and comes out to do barn chores with me. He has already met my cat and dog, along with my parents 3 dogs, and my friends 2 dogs. He is definitely an at-my-side kind of dog.

My parents have 25 acres with woods and a small river where he is allowed to run and play. I’ve already taken him to a larger river and he liked the water there so I can’t wait to take him kayaking – he already has a life vest.

Please tell his handler that I thank him so kindly and he did a wonderful job with this amazing dog!!!

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