Boxer - Adult - Female
Adoptable Large Mix Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrained

Breed: Boxer mix
Sex: Female spayed
Estimated birthdate: Oct 2016
Size: L, 73 lbs
Good with cats: unknown
Good with kids: yes, 8+
General information: Millie is a large, beautiful dog who was adopted about 2 years ago after she first came to our rescue. During that time she has been a loyal family companion, learned several commands, and housebroken. She was recently surrendered back to us after displaying behavior that she would rather not give up a treat or snack that was in her possession. It’s behavior that can be corrected by a dog savvy person and by using positive reinforcement methods. Because kids don’t always understand that they shouldn’t take things from a dog’s mouth, we ask that any children in Millie’s new home be 8 or older. She loves her walks, loves to play outside, rings a bell when she needs to go out, and loves to be with people. She simply needs someone who understands that she would benefit from a little extra guidance.
*In a foster home*