Hound - Shepherd - Baby - Female
Adoptable Medium Mix
Breed: Shepherd/Hound mix
Sex:  Female
Estimated Birth Date:  October 2020
Molly loves to snuggle! She is also very playful and is finding her voice. She loves playing with all sorts of toys and likes to follow me and my dog around. She is enjoying the snow.

She loves being outside to explore the yard and meet new pups and people in the neighborhood. She plays hard and then will cuddle up and crash next to her foster mom or foster brother.  Molly is still working on potty training. She does pretty well going outside, but also has accidents from time to time. She is treat motivated, so she should learn quickly! She does like to jump up on people and things when she gets excited. Her foster mom is working on “off”.  She likes to sit and watch her foster brother when we are outside— very observant and curious— when she’s not exploring herself or playing.

Molly loves meeting new pups! She is currently working on crate training too. She is not a big fan, but she will go in it multiple times a day just to go in but does not like to have the door shut. So, we are still working on that. She loves meeting new people too. She is happy to see them and will instantly cuddle up to them or wag her tail.  Molly is also working on being on a leash.

Molly would do best in an active home. She could be the only dog, but we think she would enjoy the companionship of having another dog in the home.  New puppies are a lot of love, work and time, especially in the beginning. Molly would do best in a home with a large yard for running and exploring, or at least daily walks/visit to dog park to help with energy level.

Molly has been adopted!